Bravely Default 2 Walkthrough Notes : Maps of “Wayward Woods”

Bravely Default 2 Maps


It shows Chest Locations and Contents.
Maps sometimes different from one when that is in progress of main story.

◆(blue)=Warp Point 
S」=Save Point
☆or★=Exit and Entrance

Map Transition=Capital Letter


☆=Toward Wiswald
★1=Toward Rimedhal
★2=Toward Mag Mell


Wayward Woods 1

If you go into a way marked with ”∞”, you will back to around the Save point.

Wayward Woods 2

Wayward Woods 3

Wayward Woods 4

[1]Mimic /Ancient Bow
[3]Medeium JP Orb ×2
[4]Tactician’s Hat
[5]Academy Gown


Bravely Default 2 Maps