Bravely Default 2 Walkthrough Notes : Maps of “Flying Fortress”

Bravely Default 2 Maps


It shows Chest Locations and Contents.
Maps sometimes different from one when that is in progress of main story.

◆(blue)=Warp Point 
S」=Save Point
☆or★=Exit and Entrance

Map Transition=Capital Letter



Flying Fortress – Cargo Hold

[1]Bomb Arm ×2

Living Quarters

[5]Mimic/Demon’s Rod
[6]X-Portion ×2
[7]Tenyu Sneeze
[8]Black Belt

Grand Hall

You can use a shop only during ongoing a main story.

[9]Soul Food ×2
[10]Spellblossom ×5

Ducts 1

Under layer

Upper layer


a’,b’,c’…→Switches of Elevator

[11]Spiked Shield
[12]Earth Mallet ×2

Central Concourse


[13]Ether ×2
[14]Shuriken ×3
[20]Phoenix Down ×3
[21]Teleport Stone

Ducts 2

Under layer

Upper layer

It requires a little complicated operation.

[17]Dragonscale Armour
[18]Magic Herb ×2
[19]Mimic /Black Cowl




Bravely Default 2 Maps