Bravely Default 2 Walkthrough Notes : Maps of “ Crystal’s Resting Place”

Bravely Default 2 Maps


It shows Chest Locations and Contents.
Maps sometimes different from one when that is in progress of main story.

◆(blue)=Warp Point 
S」=Save Point
☆or★=Exit and Entrance

Map Transition=Capital Letter


Crystal’s Resting Place

You can enter to “★” after you put Crystals in 4 room.

Wind Room

[1]Healing Bloom×5
[2]Mimic/Giant Axe
[3]Tengu Sneeze ×6
[5]Ghoulash ×3


Fire Room


It rooks many warps, but it’s actually not so complicated because it’s almost one-way.

If you want to take [1]chest, route “E”.
If you want to take [3]chest, take the route “F” to “B3” and step on the warp of “I“.
For the [2] chest, step on F, B3, H in order.
If you want to go to the innermost part, take the route F, B3, G.

[1]Safety Ring
[2]Elixir ×2
[3]Red Cap

Water Room

Upper Layer

Under Layer


[2]Mimic/Life Ring
[4]Dragonskin Headscarf
[5]Smiley Badge

Earth Room

[1]Snappy Sash
[2]Soul of Thamasa
[3]Hush Pollen ×4
[5]Large JP Orb
[6]Mimic/Giant’s Gloves


Bravely Default 2 Maps